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Where to get Instagram followers

Where to get Instagram followers MJJ Charts

Both novice bloggers and celebrities with a multimillion-dollar audience try to buy Instagram followers.
2022-07-13, by ,

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In 2019, the International Creative Management Partners (ICMP) agency conducted a study in which they checked celebrity accounts for cheating. It turned out that many of them use it with might and main. She "caught" sisters Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and other stars. Moreover, the percentage of "fake" followers they have reached almost half.

That is, buying subscribers is a much more frequent phenomenon than it seems. A large number of followers gives the account more weight, which allows you to sell ads for more. That is why bloggers most often resort to buying. Online stores also use cheating: real users are more likely to subscribe to a promoted profile.

In this article we will tell you where you can buy followers for Instagram - live, but useless, as well as those who will become a faithful follower.

What are the risks

When you order the purchase of followers, the non-target audience subscribes to the account. As a rule, these are schoolchildren who are trying to earn money to pay for a mobile phone. They won’t watch the posts and they won’t buy anything for sure. How will the Instagram algorithm react to this?

Engagement is the main metric based on which Instagram displays your posts to users. If your profile has a lot of random followers, your target audience won't see your posts. Offers will not look and like anything, which will further underestimate the coverage of the profile.

Buying Instagram likes

Cheat can help out if:

  • You need 10 thousand subscribers to post a link.
  • It is necessary to encourage people to subscribe - they are reluctant to do this on an empty profile.
  • I want to sell ads for more.

Note that if there are a lot of followers in the profile, but few likes, people will immediately understand that the first ones are cheated. Also, when buying advertising, many bloggers check their profile for cheating. In this case, you will not only lose your advertiser, but you may also lose your reputation.

Thus, if you plan to promote your brand and sell goods or services on Instagram in the future, cheating will bring you more minuses than pluses. It is better to use other methods of promotion.