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What happened with famous Billie Eilish Tiktok star

What happened with famous Billie Eilish Tiktok star MJJ Charts

So, how did Billie Eilish became so popular? Let's start from the very beginning. You will not believe how much does this pretty girl earn!. Let's wait for 2023 to see new content from her
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Billie Eilish Style

Billie's style is a conversation in itself. Her wardrobe is dominated by bright, eye-catching, trendy looks and none of the classics and elegance of her outfits.

She often combines details from different eras in her looks: nostalgic 90s looks for example, juxtaposed with a pronounced futurism. Perhaps her favourite style is streetwear: she wears jackets, hoodies and oversize sweatshirts with sports trousers, shorts and trainers.

Her favourite brands include Off White, Nike, Adidas and Supreme. She does, however, find room in her wardrobe for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

"I always dress crazy and colourful. And I always get creative about it. In real life I dress the same way as I do on stage. I wear luxurious things with super cheap things. Fashion inspires me. Now I'm also trying myself in the fashion industry and creating some pieces that I hope can one day become part of my brand or a collaboration. Who knows," - she says.

Billie has already started making dreams come true and has introduced her merch under the blosh brand, which includes hats, T-shirts, headbands and hoodies.

Billie Eilish personal life and beliefs

Whether Billie has a lover is unknown. She has never said so herself (although she has been reported to be romantically involved with Sean Mendes and Khalid), nor does she have any pictures of herself and her potential boyfriend on Instagram. For now, she's probably more concerned with her music career than her personal life.

"I don't have any friends. I just don't have time," - she said in one interview.

Khalid and Billie Eilish

She has a philosophical attitude to the fame that has befallen her. On the one hand, she doesn't like being famous, but on the other hand, she loves what she does.

"Being famous sucks. If you want to be famous just to be famous, it's stupid. The only reason I don't mind it all is because I love doing what I love," - she admitted.

In 2018, Billie admitted that she suffers from Tourette's syndrome (a central nervous system disorder characterised by involuntary motor or vocal tics. - Editor's note). She wasn't planning on coming clean, but after fans noticed her onstage behaviour, she had to.

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"I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want people to associate me with Tourette's syndrome," - she said, adding that she had learned to control and suppress nervous tics.

Her transformation can be seen most clearly in two video interviews she gave to Vanity Fair magazine in 2017 and 2018. In them, she was asked the same questions, but she has changed markedly in 12 months. At first, the viewer sees Billie as a cheerful girl who only dreams of meeting famous colleagues, and then she appears already tired of fame and constant attention to her person as a star who suffers from loneliness.

"We artists are very sad, terribly sad," - she laments.

Billie Eilish on social media

On Instagram, which Billie, as a vegetarian, keeps under the username wherearetheavocados, she has more than 16 million followers. Of course, she's still not quite as popular as Selena Gomez or Beyonce, but she's already surpassed celebrity singers such as Pink and Gwen Stefani. She has already faced criticism on social media, and is now, by her own admission, learning to ignore the haters.

I used to read every comment on a photo I was tagged in. But now I try to just check Instagram less often. I just don't want to see all the horrible things people write. And I've even deleted my Twitter.