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How to create a program to forecast sport results

How to create a program to forecast sport results MJJ Charts

An artificial neural network for predicting the results of BetBoy football matches is available on GitHub.
2022-10-25, by ,

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How artificial intelligence works to predict match results

The creators of Best Betting Sites in India have released a bot that predicts the outcomes of football matches using machine learning algorithms.

Artificial intelligence bets on outcomes that are underestimated by bookmakers. Matches are selected on the basis of pre-match statistics, the odds archive and line movement.

Alexander, the author of the algorithm, shares the history of its creation:

"The bot looks at quite a lot of data, such as the movement of the betting odds lines, the shape of the teams, whether it's a derby or not, the position of the teams in the standings and many more different factors," explains Alexander on the principle of match selection.

"A significant number of factors, however, remain in the shadows and are not yet covered, such as the number of corners, penalties, yellow and red cards."

The artificial intelligence bot has made more than 2,500 bets and has remained in the black. The bot has a return on investment (ROI) of 1.02%. That means that betting $100 on each prediction, you would have earned $1,940. A pot of $2,000 is sufficient for such a win (playing it safe with a fixed bet of 5% of the initial pot).

"There have been many attempts to approach plus results, at first the problem was the lack of historical data on bookmaker odds, because of this the models showed chaotic results. Later on, after comparing several different strategies, the most stable one was chosen as the flagship".


The average betting odds of the Betting Insider bot is 3.10. The maximum odds the bot has come in is 12.00.

Alexander explains why distance is the most important factor when choosing a forecaster: "Right after the launch the bot had a very successful series of forecasts, its ROI was keeping at 15-16% for quite a long time. Towards the end of the club season we had a run of bad luck, but after a few tweaks and model updates we got back on track. The bot has never gone into minus!

In recent days there has been a slight slippage in the results, but with great confidence we can say that it is due to seasonality and the highest rates will still be ahead in the new season. After all, machine learning analyses mistakes made and modifies the model to maximise results.