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French Bulldog: breed description

French Bulldog: breed description MJJ Charts

Often, they, feeling the heaviness on the soul of a loved one, try to help him with their caress and warmth. The French Bulldog is designed to be an ideal companion, loyal, kind and devoted friend. They are balanced and soft, do not create problems, and generally resemble children in many ways. By the way, they love and love to spend time with them in various games, go for a walk together and generally like to be in the center of children`s attention.
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The French Bulldog is one of the kindest dogs living with a person. Despite the presence of fighting blood, this small decorative breed never shows aggression towards people. On the contrary, it is a sensitive animal that needs constant affection and care. Further in the article in detail about the French, what character the dog has, where it came from and how to take care of it.

History of appearance

The French Bulldog is a relatively young breed. It began to be withdrawn only towards the end of the nineteenth century. If we put together all the information about the breed, then, according to the assumptions of many experts, the ancestors of the French are English bulldogs, Spanish Alans and pugs. Perhaps this explains the external similarity of the listed breeds. See french bulldogs for sale, for example.

In the past, people used bulldogs for their own entertainment and staged dog fights. After all, the breed was considered fighting. Even the name "bulldog" in literal translation means "bull dog", "bull dog". Sometimes dogs were allowed to fight with a bull (a kind of bullfight). But, fortunately, very soon such cruelty was banned, and bulldogs began to be perceived by people as domestic dogs. It is in France that they make a fighting dog domestic.

Now the French are popular literally everywhere. This funny French dog with huge ears is so friendly and sweet that it's hard to imagine her in a fighting ring.

Dimensions (weight, height)

The height at the withers and body weight of the French Bulldog depends on the sex of the pet. So, the growth of males is from 27 to 35 centimeters, and the growth of the female is from 24 to 32 centimeters.

The weight of purebred large males can normally be 9-14 kilograms, and the weight of an adult dog of a bulldog girl is 8-13.