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Best portable vaporizer under 100

Best portable vaporizer under 100 MJJ Charts

In this case, we are talking about a flask tube that is well known to many.
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Table of contents:

External heated vaporizers

This is a glass (most often) device, in the cup of which the mixture is placed, and the cup itself is then heated manually with a lighter or gas burner. If someone watched "Breaking Bad", then Jesse Pinkman often used such a vapor.


  • Among all types of similar devices, these are the cheapest
  • Basic care
  • The design is reliable as a brick - there is nothing to break (except for the whole vaporizer itself)
  • Ready to go at any time - no need to charge


  • You can’t go into stealth with such a thing - it’s painfully noticeable
  • Since it is impossible to accurately calculate the temperature, the mixture will most likely catch fire and smolder
  • Uneven heating without mixing

Calling this thing a vaporizer is a stretch. In order for the mixture not to burn out, but actually turn into steam, certain conditions are needed, as well as the use of an electronic thermometer to maintain the required temperature in the chamber with the mixture.

How to use a dry herb vaporizer?

Now let's talk about how to properly use the Best dry herb vaporizer under 100:

  • Before refilling the vaporizer, make sure that the product of use is well dried. Nothing terrible will happen, but you will waste the good without getting any pleasure. If you are completely unbearable, you can use one of the methods for quick drying hemp
  • Grind the mixture, the smaller its fraction, the better the process of use and the final effect will be. It is best to use a grass grinder or coffee grinder.
  • Load the mass into the crucible (vaporizer cup). If the vapor is conductive, then you should not immediately fill the container to the top - it will be bad and unevenly warmed up. It is better to stretch the process over several sessions and fall asleep little by little
  • Turn on the vaporizer and let it warm up. Unlike electronic cigarettes, there is no need to press a button to inhale the vapor - the device can be used as soon as the operating temperature is reached
  • Now the most delicate moment - setting the temperature. To get the most out of the mixture, you need to start with small values ​​- 220 degrees is ideal, use this mode for 30-40 seconds. This will allow the device to evaporate as much THC as possible. Then you can increase the temperature to 235 degrees and use the device for a minute. At the final stage, you can set the value to 245 degrees and stay at this mark until the device is turned off. Thus, several temperature regimes, within the framework of one cycle, will allow the most efficient evaporation of all active substances without their decay.
  • After use, let the device cool down a bit and clean it. In addition to addressing the “hygienic” issue, cleaning will reward you with small amounts of the purest, concentrated resin that can also be used in a vaporizer. Be careful - its impact can knock you down
  • It is also worth remembering that the crucible of most portable vaporizers is designed for an amount of mixture that is enough for a maximum of one user. For this reason, alas, passing it on to each other is a pointless exercise. But the taste is just amazing! If you follow the recommendations, then the aromatic mixture will perfectly reveal its entire bouquet. Especially if the cannabis crop was grown with an emphasis on taste.