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Best laptops for hacking 2022

Best laptops for hacking 2022 MJJ Charts

The main weapon of a real hacker is his brain. But even the best brain will not refuse these things. What is the best laptop for hacking in 2022? Here are the gadgets that every self-respecting hacker should have. These devices will be especially useful for beginners.
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Hackers and malware lurk in every corner of the internet. Clicking on a link, opening an email attachment, or simply surfing the web can lead to your system being compromised or infected. For hackers, Linux is convenient - because hackers always switch their OS periodically - and Linux distributions are always easy to install. And Linux installs faster than other operating systems. Which operating system is best for a hacker? How to choose the best Best laptops for hacking 2022?

Macbook Air

I chose Air because, as it seems to me, it’s worth paying extra for a “firmware” only when you realize that you can’t do without its advantages. For most people, the Air M1 is enough to get the job done — it's fast and does the job.

M1 processor

Recently, Apple has switched Macbooks to processors of its own design - and laptops based on the M1 chip have set a new bar for performance and autonomy. I use the Air M1 myself on a full-time basis, and 12 hours of battery life is a realistic scenario. Many Windows laptops required an outlet after 4-5 hours. At the same time, the MacBook is also absolutely silent. Applications open quickly and smoothly, working with graphic packages is convenient.

I had no problems with the difficulties in selecting the working software. There are programs created specifically for Apple devices. For example, Final Cut has become a great alternative for video editing, and I wrote more than 500 pages of my book in Pages - in my opinion, the application is convenient.

You can love or hate "apple" technology, but Apple's approach to creating an ecosystem deserves respect. It's easy to unlock your laptop with your Apple Watch, and a document you start in Pages can be immediately continued on your iPhone. The same situation is with the browser. All data is instantly synchronized, and files are transferred via AirDrop at high speed. You quickly get used to it.

The thin wedge-shaped case is well recognizable, and it is difficult to find fault with the quality of materials. The MacBook Air's touchpad is better than most Windows laptops. It's a large, glass-coated panel with perfect responsiveness and support for handy gestures. I'm used to working with a mouse, but if you need to take your MacBook with you, it stays at home.


There were some downsides. The main one, in my opinion, is a critically small number of connectors. There are only three of them: two Type-C and an audio jack. The side faces with almost no holes look stylish, but the functionality suffers a lot - again, you can’t do without a hub.

The second disadvantage is the thick bezels around the screen. If they were smaller, instead of a 13.3-inch screen, they would probably have been able to install a full-fledged 14”.

The MacBook Air M1 is a good first laptop for those who want to try macOS: you don't have to pay for the Pro version in this case. Moreover, the power and speed of the laptop will be enough for most tasks. Even productive games can be launched when you want to take a break from work.

There is excellent autonomy and a high-quality display with a resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels. At the same time, Apple laptops are highly valued in the secondary market and have a reputation for "status" devices, if that matters to you - over the years they have not dropped in price so much.