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Best gravel bikes under 1000

Best gravel bikes under 1000 MJJ Charts

A gravel bike is essentially a road bike adapted for use on dirt roads. Since the trend for such bikes is upward and not all marketers have come to a common standard and name yet, such bikes can be found from different manufacturers also under the name endurance bike, performance road bike or adventure bike.
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Table of contents:

What is a gravel bike? Who will it suit?

The gravel bike takes the relaxed geometry of road endurance bikes, but with a reinforced frame and fork that allows you to fit powerful tires, usually 35C and up. Also, these bikes are usually equipped with disc brakes. The gears and cassette are more like a mountain bike. The frame has all the necessary holes for attaching water bottles, fenders, on some models and a trunk.

Gravel concept

The concept of a gravel bike is a road bike with a ram handlebar with a relaxed geometry that allows you to be in the saddle for a long time in a comfortable position, with the ability to go off-road, thanks to the all-round rubber. At the same time, the bike is quite light - mid-level models weigh around 10kg, which makes you feel fast and maneuverable on the road. There is a lot of space for rubber in the frame and fork, so you can safely experiment with tires of different widths. As a result, we get a kind of crossover: it feels great on asphalt, while it can show a dynamic and confident ride on the ground.

Why is it not cyclocross?

Indeed, the description of is very close to that of a cyclocross model. What's more, many unlucky manufacturers have simply added the word "gravel" to their cyclocross models in the wake of the growing popularity of gravel trucks, essentially changing nothing in the design.

In fact, a real cyclocross bike is a full-fledged sports equipment with aggressive geometry and fit, just like classic road bikes. The geometry of such bicycles is more adapted for racing, that is, dynamic short races. The idea behind gravel bikes is to create a more relaxed and comfortable seating position through their geometry, allowing you to sit in the saddle for extended periods of time.

Why not a hybrid?

Perhaps some of you will notice that there are hybrids - they were just created for about the same purpose?

The main difference between the hybrid is a lot of weight and a straight steering wheel. On the highway, it will not be fast enough due to the large weight and almost vertical landing. And on the ground, he does not look quite confident due to the high center of gravity and insufficiently wide rubber. In turn, a gravel bike on the highway is almost a road bike with the ability to move to the ground and feel confident almost everywhere.

Who is a gravel bike for?

Thanks to its versatility, a gravel bike will suit many. First of all, it will appeal to road bike enthusiasts who want something more versatile than just a road bike. On a gravel bike, you can both train and ride long races on the highway, without being afraid to pull off a crossroads or ride through the forest. This makes this bike perfect for cycling.

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