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Best electric bike under 2000

Best electric bike under 2000 MJJ Charts

HIPER has a more expensive city electric bike with better suspension and no problems with weight distribution. Pay attention to how the battery is placed, in the center and as low as possible. The engine, unfortunately, remained the same low-power (only 250 W), and the frame was made of steel and very heavy.
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During rush hour, it is not easy to overcome dense city traffic and traffic jams. To this end, people have increasingly begun to use scooters, bicycles and e-bikes as an alternative to personal and public transport. In recent years, the demand for such equipment has increased dramatically. Particular attention is paid to the electrical appliance: when traveling long distances, a small motor will be indispensable.

To date, the market is full of various models of this transport, the rating of the best electric bikes will help you choose the best option.

What are electric bikes

Electric bicycles are a high-tech independent mode of transport, reminiscent of a classic bicycle in their structure and appearance, the difference lies not only in the “electro” prefix, but also in the principle of operation. It becomes available independent movement without the physical effort of a person, which is provided by a small electric motor.

IMPORTANT! Before purchasing, it is necessary to strictly determine the scope of operation so as not to overpay for power and cross-country ability.

By purpose

The structure of the bike, the design of the frame, the technical characteristics predetermine the purpose of electric bicycles. There are several types depending on the purpose of use:

  • City bikes are an ideal option to get to the office or place of study quickly and without traffic jams. The bike is lightweight, some models are equipped with a folding frame. Therefore, it will be easy to take it with you, fit in the trunk or public transport. The bike is equipped with wheels of small diameter - 14-20 inches, which is quite enough for urban conditions. The maximum speed is 30 km/h. Such transport is suitable for couriers and office workers.
  • Sports bikes are road, cross and track bikes. The main advantage is the ability to develop high speeds. Some models can accelerate up to 90 km/h. The electric motor allows you to drive on such a device 50-60 km. The bike has 8-10 speed shift modes, high-quality depreciation and good handling. Equipped with large diameter wheels - 25-26 inches. Such models have a high load capacity - 110-120 kg. A decent set of technical characteristics allows you to operate the bike in difficult weather conditions.
  • Mountain - a bike for difficult mountain trails. The patency of such a device is enough to overcome steep ascents and descents from the mountain. Good depreciation and suspension provide excellent cross-country ability and comfortable conditions for the rider. Wheel diameter - 25-27 inches, durable rubber allows you to operate the bike in the winter. The maximum speed is 40-50 km / h.
  • Fatbikes - the appearance of the bike immediately indicates belonging to the class of fatbikes. The style is given out by large wheels with wide tires - 3.5 / 4.8 inches. The bike is suitable for outdoor activities, tourism, cross-country driving and everyday trips in the countryside. A large tire tread is able to overcome snow drifts, mud and loose sand. The motor power is from 500 to 1000 W, which allows you to drive up to 100 km.
  • Cargo - tricycles are equipped with a solid frame. This design provides for the installation of a special basket on the stern for the transport of goods. The bike is suitable for summer trips, everyday trips to the store and other purposes that require the transport of goods. Motor power - 750-1000 watts.

IMPORTANT! Before purchasing an electric bike, it is necessary to accurately determine the purpose of its operation, then the equipment will fully satisfy the needs of its owner.

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