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How to create a program to forecast sport results

It's not exactly a new project, but it's good enough to understand how prediction works. 



  • Pyside for Python 2.6 32 bit
  • Python 2.6 32 bit


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7
  • Pyside
  • Pyfann

In other words you need to install the Python, Pyside or Pyfann modules before you can use the program and implement it on the website (like some of {link} do). 

Like any program, sports prediction has a "skeleton". BetBoy is made up of 8 modules.

Statistics module

Here you can see the statistics of the chosen league and sport events.

Match Selector

This module allows you to generate a list of upcoming matches for the selected leagues, based on the criteria that are defined in the filters. 

Simulation of bets

The betting is handled by the whole section of the betting simulation. This module helps you define the filters for the betting selection. 

Update Manager

The database is automatically updated with a list of URLs, in order to download the information from the sites. 

Link generator

Here you can create a file with the list of URLs for the updates you want to use. 

League generator

In this module you can manually update leagues or create your own. 

Export manager

Before you can use the neural network, you have to export the data for matches and rounds. 

Self-learning unit 

This is where the most interesting thing happens - the neural network takes care of its own development. To do that you should select the prepared file from the export, set the settings for the neural network (learning algorithms, activation functions, frequency) and click the "Learn" button. The training results will be used for further match prediction. 

As you can see, step by step, neural network based predictions are getting more and more accurate. Neural networks involve very complex dependencies, they are non-linear in nature. We have obtained a self-learning but very complex algorithm. 

It would seem that artificial intelligence could destroy the main component of betting - gambling - but no. You never know if a successful algorithm will definitely work in the next match. Who knows what's in the "head" of the artificial intelligence?

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